This Man Lost His Wallet In Delhi Metro, What Happened 11 Days Later Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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11:58 am 29 Mar, 2018


Ever lost a wallet in a public transport? It’s one of the most terrible feelings. Right? Losing your wallet becomes a major pain when you lose not just your money but also your identity cards and other important documents as well. Something similar happened with Gurpreet Singh. While traveling in a Delhi Metro train, 24-year-old Gurpreet lost his wallet.




After searching it everywhere he lost all hopes of getting it back. And exactly when he completely forgot about the incident, he received his wallet at his doorsteps. Yes, you read that right! 11 days after losing his wallet, Gurpreet got his wallet back. A good samaritan Siddharth Mehta picked up his wallet and mailed it back to Gurpreet’s address. He even wrote a letter to him listing down everything he found in the wallet.



Gurpreet took no time to thank him for doing this good deed and wrote a post on Facebook. Here’s what he wrote:

Guys i wanna share something
I lost my Wallet in delhi metro on 15 March
Nd today i recieved a Parcel nd it was my Wallet with all of my documents nd some Money 😋😋
I m very very thankfull to that person who send my wallet back ……
His Name is Siddharth Mehta, live in Noida.
Thank U soo Much Bro. 😊😊




What Siddharth did is something rare. We don’t usually see people taking the pain for others. Siddharth went a step forward and helped Gurpreet instead of just slipping his wallet full of money in pocket. This incident will surely inspire many. The world will become a better place to live if more people start doing what Siddharth did.