This Man Lost His Job To Make Virat Kohli The Player He Is Today

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1:38 pm 5 Nov, 2017


The day MS Dhoni stepped down from the post of Team India’s captaincy, he handed over his reign to the responsible hands of Team India’s run machine, Virat Kohli. Kohli has become a brand all over the world. Almost every cricket fan around the globe knows who Kohli is. The Indian skipper has reached to the topmost point of fame in the world of cricket. He is the sole Indian player who has made it to the world’s 100 highest paid sportsman in the latest Forbes list. The world came to a standstill when the Business magazine Forbes revealed that Virat has even surpassed the ace footballer, Lionel Messi, by 1 million in brand value.


However, people who have known Kohli since his fresher days knows what he was. His hard work and determination have helped him to come a long way. Today we see Kohli everywhere, from endorsing high-end brands to helping the team win matches one after the other. But, there was a time, when he was just a newbie in the cricket world and hardly anyone was happy to see him joining Team India.



You won’t believe that there is a man who lost his job to make Kohli ‘the Virat Kohli’!

Virat Kohli is a famous name now but there is someone who had to bear a lot for selecting Kohli in the team. The Indian skipper wasn’t star sportsman always, and as reported by the Catch News, the then chairman of the BCCI selection committee, Dilip Vengsarkar, was removed from his post for selecting Kohli.


Virat Kohli was picked for his phenomenal performance he had shown while leading the U-19 team and won World Cup in 2008. It was Vengsarkar who made Kohli make his debut in the International cricket in the same year. The chairman of BCCI was once again the one who picked him for the Australian tour. The fans must be happy and thankful to Vengsarkar’s brilliant choice but for picking Kohli, he was removed from his position.


The incident has been revealed in the book ‘Democracy’s XI’ by the popular Television Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai. The journo revealed that N. Srinivasan’s first choice was a young cricketer, S. Badrinath, from Tamil Nadu. But, Vengsarkar wanted Kohli to join the squad. The matter was taken to the then BCCI president Sharad Pawar by N. Srinivasan still Vengsarkar managed to pick Kohli for the team.

The former chairman of the BCCI selection committee Vengsarkar was quoted as saying:

When N. Srinivasan, the board treasurer and controller of Tamil Nadu cricket, found out I had dropped Badrinath for Virat, he was livid and went and complained to the board president Sharad Pawar. The next day I was removed as chairman of selectors but fortunately, they couldn’t change my decision to pick Virat.


It is being said that Kohli was out of form during his initial days of career and also his confident and stylish image was another reason for the selectors not to select him for the squad.

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