The Video Of A Man Licking Doorbell For Three Hours Goes Viral. Netizens React Hilariously

2:45 pm 10 Jan, 2019


In our lives, we lick many things. Many people lick things to fulfill their fetishes. And it could be weird. However how bizarre can any one’s fetish go when it comes to licking things? There is a video doing rounds on the social media blowing our minds. In the viral video, you can see a California man licking doorbell! Believe on your eyes when you will see the disgusting act of this 33-year-old man licking the doorbell for three hours. According to a media report, he kept licking the doorbell for 3 long hours while the kids were inside sleeping.

California police are in search of this man as he is on a run. The bizarre activity was captured in the surveillance camera. The video has gone viral and people can’t believe how can he lick the doorbell for such a long time. Look at the picture of the man.





The man who licked the doorbell has been identified as Roberto Daniel Arroyo. He can be seen in the video coming straight towards the door and licking the doorbell constantly. The family got clear footage with their CCTV camera. The house belongs to Sylvia Dungan and her husband. The couple was not home when the incident happened but their children were sleeping inside. They did not wake up.




Look at the viral video here.



Netizens were shocked and amazed at the same time looking at the video of this guy. Look how they responded.














The house owners also found the incident very funny as he kept licking the doorbell for three hours but did not harm anyone or steal anything. How strange is that? Did you too find the man licking doorbell disgusting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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