WTF! Mumbai Man Found Maggots Squirming In His KFC Chicken. Pictures Inside

12:47 pm 7 Oct, 2018


The moment I hear KFC, I start wondering about the mouth-watering chicken popcorn and delicious chicken burgers. And of course, the finger licking good chicken wings. Ahh yummy, isn’t? But what if you find more than that? You would say amazing. Why not more? Wait, Hold your horses, because you will never want this in your favorite chicken.

This happened with a Mumbai man, Datta Salve, who is a KFC fan. He shared a shocking tale which he never wants to witness again. A disgusted Mr. Salve told the experience left him feeling sick. The incident took place when he ordered chicken on October 1, 2018.




Datta Salve shared a Facebook post describing the unfortunate incident when he didn’t quite get the juicy and crunchy flavor he had expected. Instead, got live maggots in KFC chicken! Yes, you read that right. It’s actually disgusting.  See the shocking pic of maggots squirming in a chicken he bought from KFC in Powai, Mumbai.



On March 2018, the same incident happened in Australia where the customer bought three pieces of chicken from a branch in New South Wales and found live maggots in KFC chicken.



On October 2016 too, Police in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas released a  video which shows maggots crawling all over a half-eaten fried chicken inside a KFC box. 



KFC has denied any such incident and said that they follow strict food safety and handling procedures. This is for sure a negligence from the store’s side. Do you have any experience to share?



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