This Man Managed To Fool 2 Lakh People With A Single Status Update. Confused?

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4:29 pm 14 Jun, 2016


This one clever man managed to fool 2 lakh people overnight with just one status update. Want to know how?

So, this Facebook user Pablo Reyes, posted a status in 2015 in which he made several predictions. Well, you will be surprised to know what those predictions were. The post read:

Call me crazy but in 2016 Hillary Clinton will be the first female president, the world will go crazy over the death of a gorilla, Prince will die, Muhammad Ali will die, Kimbo Slice will die, Donald Trump will die. The USA will experience the worst mass shooting .. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but you’ll remember my name.


Yes, this status posted by Pablo left everyone in shock and received around 97k likes and over 1.37 lakh shares. Surprised?


Neither is this magic, nor was Pablo sent to us by God. It’s just that Pablo used the ‘edit button’ very smartly.

Originally, he wrote a completely different status in 2015 that he edited on 13 June, 2016 at around 8 AM, i.e. 24 hours after the Orlando shooting. People went mad and without noticing the editing history, 2 lakh people shared his status.



As per him, this was his 2015 status:


People went mad after seeing this prediction. But, the reality was this trick!



And, here is the truth. The actual status posted by Pablo Reyes and the edited version!



This guy deserves a lot of praise. Come on, he managed to fool so many people!



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