A Man Wearing Dhoti Was Denied Entry In A Posh Kolkata Mall Till He Spoke In English

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6:39 pm 16 Jul, 2017


A man wearing dhoti was denied entry into a posh Kolkata mall. However, he was permitted to enter after he argued in English. The incident happened at Quest Mall in Kolkata.

A friend of the man argued that the man was respectfully dressed. The man was stopped at the entrance by the security and the management was informed.


The man in a discussion with an official from the management. India Today

The management claimed that people in ‘dhoti’ and ‘lungi’ were not allowed inside the mall. He was allowed only after he spoke in impeccable English. The man in dhoti is Kolkata-based film maker Ashish Avikunthak.

The incident triggered widespread criticism from people. Kolkata-based actress, Debaleena Sen, shared photographs and videos of the incident and mentioned that when the man approached the management, she was asked not to film it.

Last month, a Khasi woman was denied entry into Delhi Golf Club because she was wearing the state attire. Such incidents are on a rise as several malls and restaurants have a strange customs of not allowing Indian attires.

And this is not the first time such an incident happened in Kolkata. In 2016, a woman was denied permission to eat at an upmarket restaurant because she had her driver accompanying her.


That incident took place at a famous restaurant called Mocambo located at Park Street. The woman had requested her driver to join her for dinner as a gesture to thank him for his services. However, the restaurant denied her permission simply on the grounds that she was accompanied by her driver and the man was not properly dressed.

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