A Man Called Period Pain A Myth, And Women On Twitter Made Sure He FELT The Pain

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:00 pm

I bet if guys get to feel the period pain for once, they will die!


Anyway, this is never going to happen. Then why do men always underestimate and neglect the pains we go through. Aren’t all the discrimination and discouragement towards us that prevail in the society enough?

So, this man, who goes by the Twitter handle @goldenconceptng, expressed a misconception on Twitter that period pain is a myth. Here’s is the tweet he posted:

And his tweet triggered a war on Twitter. Women virtually kicked in between his legs with their bang on replies. Looks like he pretty much would have felt the menstrual cramps because of such lovely replies!

Take a look at the flood of emotions that this man’s tweet caused:

Me, during my periods, after reading this man’s tweet,