Nigerian Man Buries His Father In A Brand New BMW To Fulfill His Wish, Twitter Couldn’t Help But React

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1:50 pm 13 Jun, 2018


You might have heard of children doing all sorts of things before or after their parents’ death to fulfill their last wish. But what a Nigerian man recently did to fulfill a promise to his father has left many people across the world surprised. As per media reports, after his father’s death, a wealthy son buried him in a brand new BMW car instead of a coffin. Apparently, it was his father’s wish to own a luxury car.

As per reports doing rounds in the media, Azubuike, a resident of a remote village in Mbosi, Nigeria had promised to buy his father a flash car when the latter was alive. But upon failing to do so while his father was alive, the son splurged £66,000 cash (close to Rs 60 lakh) to buy a brand new BMW soon after his death.


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It is reported that the BMW is furnished with satellite navigation so that the man’s dead father can find his stairway to heaven. Also, Azubuike’s neighbours dug the 6 feet deep grave for his father as a gesture of help. Check out the picture from the funeral below:



This picture from the funeral has gone viral on the social media. It shows a brand new BMW being buried in a huge grave. It has set Twitter on fire with all sorts of funny and shocked comments erupting on the social media platform. We have compiled the most interesting ones for you below. Take a look:






















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