Kanpur Man Bets His Wife In IPL Gambling And Loses The Bet

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3:47 pm 30 May, 2016


Once, Yudhishthira lost his wife Draupadi in a game of dice in the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata, and today we get to see a replay of the same incident. A serial gambler in Kanpur, put his wife at stake in an IPL betting game.


He lost the bet as well as his wife. His wife, Jasmeet Kaur, who is the owner of a boutique, was alarmed when men started harassing her.

She finally gathered courage and lodged a complaint against them though her husband is missing. Draupadi was saved by Krishna and here, the police came forward as Jasmeet’s guard.

Police said,

He lost all his money in stock markets, so put his wife at stake. 





According to sources, things were bitter from the start of their relationship. They have been married for five years and at the very early stage of the marriage, the husband took away all the valuables and jewelry she had. In all these years, he has already sold the valuables and assets they had. He was also planning to sell his house during the IPL gambling fiasco. The two lives in Govind Nagar.

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