Husband Who Was Filmed Attacking Wife With Machete Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

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3:25 pm 8 Oct, 2015

In a bizarre case, a 26-year-old man in Singapore pleaded ‘not guilty’ in an attempt to murder case even after a video of him and another man repeatedly slashing a woman went viral.

K. Saravanan, who is 26, and his friend Ahamad Mohamed Latif, 23, were caught on video attacking a woman. They were both arrested after the video went viral on social media.


Following the arrest, the Singapore Sessions Court went on to charge them for repeatedly slashing Saravanan’s wife D. Megala, with machetes.

Looking at the severity of the attack, the court went on to deny bail to the two accused. A third accused is still at large. If convicted they could face jail time for up to 20 years.

The attack on Megala was caught on a local CCTV camera in Taman PD Utama on October 1 at around 6:40 pm. The camera had captured the three accused, attacking Megala with machetes outside a row of houses .

Talking about the case, DPP Syamimi Farhana Muham­mad Aziz told the court:

“The accused should be kept away from the victim at all costs as we do not want to jeopardise investigations.”

She then went on to point that the case had also become of public interest.

The accused Saravanan, had earlier pleaded for bail and had promised the court that he would not go near his wife. He had then begged that he has to provide for his parents and did not have any previous criminal record.

The second accused had pleaded for bail on similar grounds stating that he was too was providing for his parents even though his father was employed.

The case would next be heard on November 13, after pending medical report is submitted in the court. The victim is currently being treated at Port Dickson Hospital.



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