Actress Mamta Kulkarni Breaks Her Silence, Says Some Cops Are Framing Her For Publicity

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 4:47 pm

Actress Mamta Kulkarni recently gave an exclusive interview, where she said that she was being framed by cops to gain publicity.


Kulkarni, who in recent past has been accused of being involved in a drug racket, denied all charges and said being with alleged drug-lord Vicky Goswami ruined her reputation.

Goswami was jailed in 1997 and served 10 years for his crime.

When asked about him Kulkarni said:



She goes on to add that meditation and yoga take up all her time and that all she wants to do is spend her life like her guru did, like a Yogini.

She also maintains she is innocent and added that  ‘Cops have made this an ego issue’:



To drive her point home she further added: