Twitterati Slam Mamata Govt After This Pic Went Viral

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5:47 pm 28 Mar, 2018


Parts of West Bengal have been on the boil following clashes that broke out during Ram Navami processions on March 24-25. One such incident was reported after clashes took place between the two communities in Raniganj, a town about 100 KM from Burdwan.

As per a report, violence erupted on March 26 morning when stones were pelted at a Ram Navami procession in Hill Bustee area. And this escalated into clashes.


During this, Deputy Commissioner, headquarters, Asansol Commissionrate, Arindam Dutta Chowdhury sustained severely right hand injury from elbow onward to palm when a crude bomb was thrown at him. A police officer and some constables were also injured in the attacks. The flesh from right wrist of the DC was missing in the bomb attack.


Union minister Babul Supriyo blamed the police inaction as the reason behind the violence in Raniganj which claimed a life and demanded immediate deployment of central forces in the area.

See his tweets:

The situation in the town was at its worse and the DM of Burdwan (West), Shasank Shetty, even wanted the army to be brought in.

Quickly the picture of Arindam Dutta Chowdhury getting injured went viral on the internet:



Twitterati too slammed the Mamata Government following this incident:



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