Mamata Bannerjee Refuses To Link Her Mobile With Aadhaar Even If Her Connection Is Snapped

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12:04 pm 26 Oct, 2017


Opposing the linking of Aadhaar with mobile phone number made mandatory by the Department of Telecom, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that she will not obey the rule even if her phone is disconnected. The TMC chief accused the central government of imposing an “autocratic” rule and said that her party will “have to play a role so that BJP is removed from power”.

Addressing the extended core committee meeting of the TMC, Mamata Banerjee said:

“They (Center) are interfering in the people’s rights and privacy. Aadhaar number should not be linked with one’s mobile phone. I will not link my Aadhaar number with my mobile even if my connection is snapped. They (Center) have unleashed an autocratic rule in the country. No one can raise voice against them, else I-T, ED, CBI will be unleashed.”


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee TheIndianExpress


The politician also said that she will continue to protest even if all the leaders of her party are sent to jail.

Banerjee went on to say that her party does not want to head the government in Delhi but has to play a role so that “BJP is removed from power at the Center”. She has also always criticized the present government for demonetization, calling it a “scam”. At the meeting where she stood against the central government yet another time, she asked:

“There should be investigation. Manmohan Singh, Yashwant Sinha everybody is criticizing demonetization. Are all of them wrong?”

She said that November 8, the day when demonetization was announced last year will be observed by her party as black day and protest rallies will be held across West Bengal.

Issuing words of warning for the leaders of her party, Banerjee said that she tracks everything in the party organization and that anti-parties activities will not be tolerated. She said that the Trinamool Congress has “emerged through a lot of struggles and sacrifices and it is not so weak that one can finish it”.


A plea challenging govt.’s ruling on linking Aadhaar with mobile phone number was recently submitted in the Supreme Court.  IndiaToday


A day before Mamata Banerjee’s comment, a plea challenging government’s notification on linking mobile phone number with Aadhaar had been submitted in the Supreme Court. A parliamentary panel had also recently questioned the government on how Aadhaar data was made secure as the unique 12-digit unique ID is now being linked to mobile numbers and bank accounts. Central government, however, has told the Supreme Court that the deadline for linking Aadhaar for making use of the government schemes has been extended to March 31 next year.

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