This Painting Which Mamata Banerjee Gifted To President Kovind Has Turned Tweeple Into Art Critics

7:34 pm 2 Dec, 2017


It is a fact that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is also an artist. The firebrand chief of the Trinamool Congress has always been in the news for the political sensitivity of her state. Her painting skills have played like a mere sidekick her career. But her skill in painting is known to many. Banerjee has often used the money raised from the sales of her paintings for the welfare of her party.


The Quint

When it comes to paintings, Banerjee has received both praise and criticism.

She has been praised for not just the quality of her work but also for the detail that she goes into with the colors. And there were accusations by Congress and CPI(M) who had alleged that some of her paintings have been brought at exorbitant prices by Sudipta Sen of Sharadha scam.


India Today

Nevertheless it is undeniable that Banerjee is a talent with the brush. She has some really fine pieces of art to show and they have been admired by renowned names.

So when President Ram Nath Kovind arrived in Kolkata on November 28, he was gifted a painting of the CM by the CM herself.


Touched by the gesture the President said that the painting will adorn the walls of the Rashtrapati Bhavan among the works of greats such as Maqbool Fida Husain and Jamini Roy.

The President said:

“I was really amazed to see her painting. It will surely be displayed at Rashtrapati Bhavan and will always remain close to my heart.”

The painting depicted a tree in full bloom on a saffron backdrop.

But not everyone liked the painting. Since social media has made possible for all to express their opinions freely, in no time the painting went viral with negative comments.

Here are some of the comments in criticism of the painting:


What do you think of the painting? Have the Twitterati failed in understanding the art?