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Now Mamata Banerjee Wants Indian Citizenship For Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants

Published on 19 February, 2016 at 2:24 pm By

Citizenship and illegal immigration are two diverse issues that often find a common ground in politics of the world.


It is, therefore, no surprise that the chief minister of the poll bound state of West Bengal, too, has found in the certificate of citizenship a useful tool to garner votes.

If Mamata Banerjee has her way, District Magistrates in West Bengal will have the power to issue citizenship certificates to Bangladeshis living in the state for more than five years.


An election march along the Indian side of the border in Cooch Behar, Bengal. Shib Shankar Chatterjee

An election march along the Indian side of the border in Cooch Behar, Bengal. Shib Shankar Chatterjee

It is a known fact that thousands (possibly lakhs) of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have been living in the state for many years now.

The misplaced fear of hurting religious sentiments and minority groups have often acted as a hindrance in action against illegal immigrants, who are mostly Muslims.

With a 2,217 km long border with Bangladesh, a decision on the citizenship will impact the assembly results in 10 districts of West Bengal.


Bangladeshi women

Two Bangladeshi women climb the border wall with India to enter illegally. Gaël Turine/Agence VU’

Banerjee said that she’ll be requesting the Centre for the same because the right to issue citizenship rests with the Union Government.


“We will ask the Centre to authorise district magistrates to issue citizenship certificates to those who are living in Bengal for five years or more. DMs used to issue citizenship certificates to those who came from Bangladesh before 1971, but that power was withdrawn in 1985.”

Will the Centre give Didi the right?

Are you crazy? Unless the BJP has lost its mind, they won’t give her such a right! Giving such a power would mean that whatever meek chances the party has in the state will evaporate into thin air.

More importantly, granting such a right means opening the gates for possible terror attacks in the country. Security experts have time and again pointed out that there are elements with terrorist links among the illegal immigrants.

Over the last five years of Banerjee’s rule, Bengal has witnessed a rise in both political violence as well as terrorist activities. Districts bordering Bangladesh are a hub of criminal activities. Banerjee has been accused by the opposition for ignoring such cases for the convenience of vote bank.


Case in point was the recent Malda riots which was dismissed by the Mamata Banerjee government as a clash between the locals and BSF. The clashes were painted in both communal and criminal (opium) colours but illegal immigration was underlined.

That there are a high number of illegal immigrants in Bengal has been brilliantly proved via a calculation of population growth by Anish Gupta.

And meanwhile:





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