Siddharth Mallya Hits Back With A Positive Tweet To End The Hatred For His Father

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Vijay Mallya has been going through a really tough time for the past two years. His Kingfisher business suddenly collapsed and by November 2015, the amount he owed to the banks had grown to at least $1.35 billion. He has also been accused of being a “willful defaulter” under Indian law, including accusations of money laundering and misappropriation.

The media is getting on his case and propagating that he escaped India to prevent further humilation as his business downfall continues. After he was disgraced by Times Now, he boldly answered the press:


To cool down the uproar, his son, Siddharth Mallya,  decided to spread some positivity.



That’s equal to Rs 60 per month. Well, I guess then abusing on social media is not worth it.



Well, Sid, Deepika is your achievement that we are aware of.

Later, Twitterati also showed their support in their own unique ways.

He seems to be just another (over) motivational speaker.


This guy seems to have no idea how much Siddharth enjoys his life.


Another admirer who understands his pain.



Sid, live life king size; just the way expected from you.