Mallya Dropped In And Indian High Commissioner Left Book Launch Event In London

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3:03 pm 19 Jun, 2016


Vijay Mallya is living like a king in London. While he is a proclaimed offender in India, he is a free bird in England.

So Mallya arrived at the book launch of Suhel Seth’s ironically titled ‘Mantras for Success: India’s Greatest CEOs Tell You How to Win’.


Vijay Mallya


The event was held on June 16 by the 100-ft Journey Club of the South Asia Centre at the London School of Economics.

The event was attended by Indian High Commissioner Navtej Sarna.

In its official statement, the MEA said that the event was not hosted by the Indian High Commission and that Sarna had “left the stage and venue immediately after making his comments and without waiting for the interactive session.”


Navtej Sarna (extreme left) and Suhel Seth (extreme right) at the book launch event. @SAsiaLSE

Navtej Sarna (extreme left) and Suhel Seth (extreme right) at the book launch event. @SAsiaLSE

The government also said that LSE has told the High Commissioner that it had not invited Mallya to the event that was “advertised widely through social media and attendees were not required to register in advance.”

“With regards to the story on Vijay Mallya at an event in London on June 16, please note that there were two clear segments – the book launch by UK Minister Jo Johnson and discussion at LSE and later a reception at the High Commission for select guests,” the statement read.

“Mallya was certainly not an invitee to the reception at the High Commission for which the invitations were issued by the High Commission, and was not present,” it added.




Suhel Seth took to Twitter and clarified the matter confirming that Mallya just dropped in and the High Commissioner left immediately.




The news of Mallya attending the book launch event was broken by Swati Chaturvedi.



Vijay Mallya owes Indian banks around Rs.9,000 crore, an amount his company Kingfisher Airlines had taken as loans. He fled India on March 2 but his flight came to light much later. The government cancelled his passport in April requesting United Kingdom to deport him to India. But UK turned down the request.