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Media Reports Mallika Is Being Thrown Out Of Her Paris Flat, Her Reply Left Twitterati In Splits

Published on 15 December, 2017 at 9:37 pm By

In Bollywood, actors come and go and there are only few who remain for decades and have a movie coming out every second year.


While many of these actors are soon forgotten by the audience, there are few who remain in people and media’s mind despite not having worked for years.

One such actress is Mallika Sherawat who despite not having worked in Bollywood for over 5 years has not been forgotten by the audience.

Though we keep on seeing her on annual Cannes Film Festival, the 41-year-old actress has moved out of India and is happily living in Paris with her boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans for some time now.

However, Mallika once again became part of the news when European media recently reported that she, along with her boyfriend, are in financial trouble and are on the verge of being evicted from their home.

Stars Unfolded

The reports further claimed that the couple is in a tiff with their landlord and they haven’t paid him the rent for the flat.

The dues, as per reports, are nearly 80,000 i.e more than 60 lakh. Further, they reportedly can’t afford the rent for the posh flat which is 350 sq. meter on the 16th Arrondissement.

The landlord to is quoted by the media stating that they can “easily afford the rent” as they have “46 million euros in revenue and a fortune of 140 million” and thus are “far from the tenant in difficulty.”

While the wild claims circulate the western media, Mallika took to Twitter and replied to all the speculated reports in her old ‘in your face style’ which made her famous in the first place.

The former Bollywood diva wrote-


Her quirky reply also got the Twitterati Trolls LoLing and here is how few of them reacted









We don’t know if the alleged reports are true or not, but we got to say her fans truly are a dedicated bunch of TROLLS 🙂

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