Mallika Dua Shuts Trolls Who Slammed Her And Her Dad For Accusing Akshay Kumar

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3:33 pm 26 Oct, 2017


Akshay Kumar rarely gets into a controversy but when he gets it’s always something big. The actor has been recently judging a comedy show, ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, in which budding comedians such as Mallika Dua, Zakir Khan, and Hussain Dalal were given a chance as mentors. The ongoing show has got Akshay in a controversy in which the actor is being accused of making a vulgar comment on Mallika Dua.


Mallika Dua and her father Vinod Dua, who is also a famous journalist, wrote some posts on their social media handles accusing Akshay Kumar and asking him to apologize.

Vinod Dua in his Facebook post (now removed) threatened to “screw” Akshay for what he has said to Mallika Dua.


As per their accusation, this is what Akshay Kumar said to Mallika Dua:

Aap bell bajao main aap ko bajata hun!

Sharing her father’s post, Mallika Dua wrote:



Here’s the leaked video of the same:

Akshay Kumar hasn’t responded yet to the controversy. However, people started finding new angles of the controversy all on their own when the posts by Vinod Dua and daughter, Mallika Dua vanished. Many claimed that she and her father have stepped back.

In one of her works, Mallika Dua played the character of ‘Tinder Aunty’. For that act some people started judging Mallika’s character and claimed that the YouTube sensation is playing the “woman card” because she and the other two mentors of the show have been fired.

Here’s how people are reacting on Twitter:

However, there are many who are standing up for the comedian/actress including AIB founder, Tanmay Bhatt.

The YouTube sensation had initially made her Twitter handle private and the posts by her and her father were also not visible. However, Mallika has now again made her Twitter profile public.

Mallika Dua made a brilliant comeback and gave bang-on replies to trolls who asked her about deleting the tweets and making her profile private.


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