Folk Singer Malini Awasthi Questions Bollywood’s Silence On Mandsaur Rape Case

1:15 pm 1 Jul, 2018


An eight-year-old girl became the victim of a brutal gang rape in the Mandsaur area of Madhya Pradesh on June 26. While she was waiting for grandmother to come and pick her up from school who got late by just half an hour. She reportedly got picked up by strangers who later raped her. Eventually, her family went looking for her everywhere as they searched for hours. However, she was found the next morning by a neighborhood boy as the girl was in walking dazed around the roads. The Police were informed immediately and she was taken to the hospital.

This Mandsaur gang rape incident has sent a wave of shock around the country yet again as people are demanding justice for the eight-year-old victim. Apparently, popular folk singer Malini Awasthi has come in support of the little rape victim from Madhya Pradesh. However, while lending her support to the girl, she has criticized the Bollywood celebs and media for their discriminated attitude.



Incidentally, Malini Awasthi expressed her anger towards the heinous incident of the rape of the eight-year-old girl through her social media account. But surprisingly, she compared the Mandsaur rape case to the Kathua rape case that took place in January earlier this year. As a matter of fact, from Bollywood celebrities to popular personalities, everyone expressed their opinions on the Kathua rape case through different social media posts.



Therefore, while condemning the celebs against the Mandsaur rape case, Malini Awasthi took it to her social media account and wrote:

“Neither there is any Bollywood celebrity raising their voice for the case, nor there is an article by any foreign media defaming India on the Mandsaur incident. Even the Indian media who was extremely active during the Kathua rape case is silent.”



Take a look at her tweet:


Mandsaur rape case



However, her anger and opinion on the issue were not appreciated by the netizens as she got brutally trolled on the social media. Henceforth, after receiving a lot of backlash on her statement, the folk singer deleted her tweet from her handle.

Later in defense, Malini Awasthi tweeted:



While in the Mandsaur rape case, the two accused have been arrested by the police and the investigation is going on.