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Men Too Put Their Bodies For Sale. Are You Aware Of The Male Prostitute Market Of Your City?

Published on 21 December, 2017 at 5:40 pm By

So far, you would have heard about prostitution involving female sex workers! And if you are aware of prostitution, you also might have heard about the red light areas of your city where men bid for female sex workers. But the chances are, that you would have heard only about female prostitutes. A dark truth of this industry is that, in a number of cities of India, men too put their bodies for sale in red light areas.

Male prostitute. Representational image. aulnaissance


Yes! It is shocking yet true that men are falling into the trap of prostitution more than women.

Not only women, but men are also involved in prostitution. Amar Ujala

As reported by Amar Ujala, a recent research has revealed that in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh, the number of jigolos is rising rampantly. Jigolo is the word used in foreign countries for male prostitutes, that is, the men into the business of prostitution.

A large number of youth are forced into prostitution by their circumstances. Amar Ujala

But what is the reason behind men getting into the business of whoredom? Most of the men falling into trap of prostitution are mostly college going youth. Some of them do it for the need while some others do it for the greed of money. Also, as unemployment is on the rise in larger cities, owing to their circumstances, the jobless youth here become jigolos.

Clientele of most of these men includes wealthy women. Samacharnama


The women availing services of these men belong to wealthy families and pay them Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 for a single service. Considering that prostitution is illegal in India, it is high time that the government takes some concrete steps to fight it out. Otherwise, the youth that is seen as the strength and future of the nation will be lost in these dark streets!

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