Notable Malayalam Writer, KP Ramanunni, Threatened With Losing Arm, Leg If He Does Not Embrace Islam In 6 Months

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8:46 pm 22 Jul, 2017


Notable Malayalam writer, KP Ramanunni, has received a warning threatening him with death and losing his left leg and right arm if he does not embrace Islam within 6 months.

The 60-year old writer had written a six-part series in the editorial page of Madhyamam daily urging Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists to stop fighting and live in harmony. The series had appealed for a coordinated movement of Hindus and Muslims in the “age of violent neo-liberalism”. Madhyamam, the daily in which Ramanunni’s articles were published is run by a Muslim religious organization named Jamaat-e-Islami based in Kerala.

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The writer got the anonymous death threat 6 days ago and has registered a police complaint regarding the same. He has also handed over the letter to Kozhikode city police.


According to NDTV, the letter read,

You have put Hinduism and Islam at the same platform in the garb of being impartial. These kinds of writings will misguide innocent Muslims. Kafiirs, non-believers should be given six months to convert. Those who do not convert should be assassinated. Like TJ Joseph, your right arm will be cut off…your left leg too. You are given six months to convert to Islam. If you do not embrace Islam, we will inflict Allah’s punishment on you.

The Indian Express quote Ramanunni saying,

The articles were written with a genuine interest aimed at fostering religious harmony. The series, published last month during Ramzan, were widely appreciated.

As revealed by Ramanunni, the letter threatened him of consequences similar to Professor TJ Joseph whose right arm was chopped off by a gang for allegedly putting down the Prophet.

Expressing concern over the matter, Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, said that his government will not turn its back on threats to writers who express progressive views. Vijayan on Facebook, said,

We will not tolerate deaths threats and declaration of attacks on social media against people who take progressive or independent stands. Such complaints will be taken up strongly.