Bollywood Is Making Biopic On Social Activist Malala Yousafzai And Pakistanis Can’t Digest It!

1:38 pm 7 Jul, 2018


Bollywood for some reason, is into a surge of releasing one biopic after the other. Biopics are based on the real life stories of successful people and even controversial ones. These films are well-received by the fans and at the box office too. The recently released ‘Sanju‘ (June 29) has already crossed the Rs 200 crore mark! Malala Yousafzai is also one such figure worth considering for a biopic, due to her controversial life and stature.

While Bollywood is coming up with various biopics like ‘Manikarnika’ which stars Kangana Rannaut as Jhansi Rani Laxmibai and ‘The Accidental Prime Minister‘, based on the life of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Malala Yousafzai is coming onto your screens soon as well.



The 20-year-old blogger is not just a controversial figure in Pakistan, but a popular figure abroad too. Her story can give anyone jitters, after all, she survived an attack by the local Talibans right outside her school.



This young advocate for female education also survived what most girls can’t – hatred and criticism. Yet, she became the youngest Nobel Prize laureate!



After surviving the Talibani attack at 16, her strong advocacy grew into an international movement, and she also became “the most prominent citizen” of Pakistan.



Malala later completed her education in England and founded the Malala Fund, an NGO. Then in 2013, she co-authored I am Malala, an international best seller.



With such an interesting life at such a young age, a biopic made on her is the least the world could offer. And Bollywood took up the responsibility with ‘Gul Makai‘.



The poster for the film shows ‘Malala’ with a burning book and an inflamed school (both having relevance to Malala’s attack). The film by Amjad Khan, is shot in Kashmir.



However, Pakistan and Pakistani’s can’t digest that they didn’t do anything to cover their international sensation and yet Bollywood has taken up the job swiftly.



Many Pakistanis have taken to Twitter to express their concern and disappointment. Users are asking Malala to stop Bollywood!



This user thinks “Bollywood does Pakistan so badly.”



This Twitter user thinks it’s another “propaganda” film:



This user is sure that Pakistani’s will be seen as “terrorists”:



This one thinks It’s definitely an “anti-Pakistan” movie:




While trollers can keep trolling, the cast of the film includes Reem Shaikh, Divya Dutta, Mukesh Rishi, Abhimanyu Singh and Ajaz Khan, among others. The teaser is awaited soon.