Malaika’s Fitting Reply To The Troll Who Called Her A ‘Shit Woman’ For Using Her Ex-Husband’s Money

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:24 pm

Trolling, slamming, shaming, lewd comments and other derogatory stuff have become a part and parcel of social media. But what we do to stop them? NOTHING! Following the motto ‘ignorance is bliss’ we often forget these things. But, Malaika Arora Khan has proved that she is not like others. The actress does not need anyone to take a stand for her. Rather she prefers to speak for herself.


The actress has recently separated from Arbaaz Khan but we do see them together in many pictures even today. We don’t know what exactly happened between the two and we don’t have any right to speak about their relationship. However, many of us forget that celebrities are also human and we should not intervene in their personal lives.

Same happened with Malaika Arora Khan. A photographer uploaded a picture of Malaika on Instagram appreciating her fashion sense and chic style.


From nowhere, an Instagram user with the name @feelgoodfabric started commenting about the actress and passed lewd comments on her. S/he did not have any good things to say about the actress and started talking about Malaika’s character.

Take a look at the comments that this troll posted on Malaika Arora Khan’s picture:


We do get to know stuff about celebrities by tabloids but believe us, not everything is a truth. Speaking of celebrities is easy because they don’t have time to notice such nonsense. Fortunately, Malaika noticed the lewd comments that @feelgoodfabric posted. The actress gave a bang on reply to the troll and shut him/her all at once.

Here’s what Malaika posted:


As soon as Malaika took a stand for herself some of her fans came in support of her and posted kind comments to make her feel better.


Every woman should know that it’s she herself who has to take a stand against such trolls. Staying quiet is never an option!