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Netizens Questioned Malaika For Her Thanksgiving Pic, Trolled Her For Various Reasons!

Published on 22 November, 2018 at 12:52 pm By

We have seen that Bollywood celebrities are often targeted on social media. Well, It becomes really difficult as one has to be super cautious with every little step they take, don’t you think? Now, Malaika Arora who is currently judging a popular reality show, India’s Got Talent is being brutally targeted by the social media users because of her latest Instagram picture. In the picture, the diva can be seen celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with her girl gang.


It seems that people couldn’t digest that Malaika was celebrating a western festival, so they bombed her with some mean comments and she got trolled. After looking at the comments, it is pretty obvious that netizens were furious.

To our surprise, Malaika Arora was trolled not only for enjoying the occasion, but it also seems that the microscopic eyes of the netizens noticed something else in the picture too. It was the placement of Malaika’s hand, in the picture.



Just so you know, Malaika had shared the picture via her official Instagram handle!

Take a look at the picture for which Malaika Arora was trolled brutally:




Netizens were really mean towards the Hello Hello star and made some really hateful comments. Some social media users even went overboard. Like literally!

Take a look at the various comments made by the netizens:
















Now we think that Malaika was brutally targeted by the social media users. It is a fact that of you don’t like something then, you have the liberty to ignore it. I mean, it is far better than passing bad remarks about someone don’t you think? Don’t you think that users who do the same need to reflect upon their actions? Let us know in the comments!

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