The New Avatar Of Indian Rails Will Leave You Pleasantly Surprised

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4:28 pm 18 Apr, 2016

While Indian Railways is a lifeline of the country, transporting a thriving population 1,158.7 billion per km (highest in the world!), the poor infrastructure is has been inconveniencing people for a long time. Degrading physical conditions of the coaches along with crappy services has made Indian Railways lose its creme travelers at an increasing rate with slashed airline prices.

And what should have been done long long ago, is finally happening.



This alluring purple train is currently a model running between Habibganj, Bhopal and Bina. Designed by Coach Rehabilitation Workshop (CRWS), Nishaputra, Bhopal, the 24 trial coaches might soon be introduced in existing trains.

These luxury coaches will first be introduced on ISO certified trains and Rajdhani Expresses in Phase I following which Phase II will be covered.


Equipped with LED reading lights, carpeted-looking floors and bio toilets, the first impression of it is quite appealing – and surprising considering the standards of existing Indian railway coaches. 

Remember the aluminium, tobacco-stained sinks? This looks like an unbelievable replacement! 


The seats will be spacious, bigger and equipped with jerk-less seating. Side berths will have snack tables along with fire-proof seating material used. 


The middle berths will have railings and side-supporting.


You no longer have to fight with co-passengers for that one plug-point. There will be separate charging points for separate devices. 


Fancy seat-numbering will hopefully lead to less chaos and confusion among the passengers. 


And finally, Indian Railways will go the green way by installing bio-toilets in all coaches. 

This has been long due. 



Well, may be acche din are slowly but steadily coming.



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