10 Make-up Tips For Women In a Rush

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10:00 am 29 Jan, 2015


1. No time at all?

You can either use moisturizer in the shower as soon as you towel down or condition your skin with hair conditioner as you shower.


2. No time for expertise?

Use a foundation stick instead of cream. This allows for quick and even application.



3. What’s best for your skin?

If you can’t decide between foundation or sunscreen, choose a foundation that has a high SPF.


4. No time for concealer?

Use bright eye-shadow and lipsticks that draw attention away from your cheeks and forehead.


5. Lips are chapped and cracked?

Use a damp cloth to buff your lips then apply a moisturizing lip-balm.chapped

6. No time to wash your tresses?

Then go for an up-do. Luckily for you, messy up-dos are in for now. Or use a bandanna.


7. Frizzy hair that takes hours to tame?

Take a dab of lotion on your hand, add some water and run your fingers lightly through your hair.


8. Nail polish chips off easily?

Keeping your cuticles well-hydrated will ensure that your color stays on longer.


9. Tired eyes?

Protect your eyes with sunglasses when outside. Not only the sun, but dust, wind and pollution also make your eyes look and feel tired.


10. No time for pedicures?

To prevent tired feet, make sure you’re wearing well-fitting and covered shoes. Chappals, while a quick option, shouldn’t be worn all the time.



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