Make Time For Some Fresh Air When Living On A Busy City

10:06 am 29 Dec, 2017

City life is never too good than it is been said as. Frank Sinatra once sang so well about the New York City. But things have changed a lot when years passed by. Now city people are desperate to get out to a much more peaceful country side. But they can never could because of their big dreams about their future life. More and more people are seen coming in to the city life. Nobody have that house with a spacious back yard as seen in the country side. All are even busy to go for a walk. All they do is run from a busy office to that compact apartment and vice versa. Some city guy I said “I even forgot to breathe” and this is so deep.

The need for some fresh air

Your head is full of tensions deadlines, Emis, house loan and a lot. And it needs to relax a bit at times. This is why you should find some time to relax and of course remember to breathe some fresh air. What you breathe is stress every time, from home to office and office to home. You really need to relax a bit, forgetting everything and spend that few minutes of fresh air with no smell of stress in it.

How to make time

You need to make time and it is more important than earning a lot of money. Time never had a price tag, because it is that precious and you can’t just buy it. Making time doesn’t just mean than long vacation you should go to some hill station or the beach. It can be anything from an evening walk to a cup of coffee on your balcony. You can for sure find some time for this.

Make a stress free coffee time a routine

A coffee is always an important part of that city freak. But at most time the caffeine will kick in with that stress full office works. Change this routine and make yourself a stress free coffee time everyday a routine. Buy a beautiful balcony set by Urban Ladder or similar vendors and make yourself a space to relax with a cup of coffee. May be have a chat with your partner here, about something not related to the hectic city life. This can make a great difference in your mood and help you stabilize your mental health.

Visit the Public Park or beach daily

An evening walk on your paijamas is what you need. You can choose a public park or the beach as you wish. Feel the nature forget the stress and enjoy the movement. Don’t just wait to get free totally to do this. Make this a routine, do it every evening or the morning and learn to find some time for you too.

Work and career is of course important for you. But this doesn’t means you should give up all of your happiness to work all day and die one day. Remember to make some time to breathe the fresh air.



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