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Follow These 15 Tips To Make That Piscean Man Yours

Updated on 5 March, 2016 at 1:10 pm By

The great romantics of the zodiac, Pisceans are highly emotional and intuitive in nature with a creative bent of mind. Shy and simple among strangers, they are charmers among their close friends and family.


Has a Pisces man already caught your fantasy? Are you having a hard time figuring out ways to get close to him? There is no definitive recipe on how to win a man’s heart but the good news is that there are some known ways that work for most Piscean men.


1. “I want you – nothing else but you.”

He can be ‘your man’ if and only if you are looking for serious, long term relationships. A non-believer in casual flings, he prefers investing his heart and soul in serious relationships.


2. Be very kind to everyone when you are around him; don’t try faking it though.

Being kind-hearted and compassionate is in his soul. So, naturally, he is attracted to anyone exemplifying kindness in day-to-day life. Be kind to all those you meet, or work with. That includes your family members, colleagues, shopkeepers and even pets!


3. Remember this – ‘To fool the eyes is easy; to fool the heart is hard’.


Well, he’s one of the rare specimens of the opposite sex who does not favor loud and garish displays, be it your attire or your opinion. Having a sweet, gentle but authentic demeanor is the key to winning his attention.


4. Be open to whatever comes next.

He sees everybody as valuable and has a plethora of friends with varied backgrounds, although close friends would be very few. He might have an amusing chat with a hawker on the street or have messed up friends swarming in his place. Don’t be ‘judgmental’ at all and have an open mind to everything around you.


5. For a Piscean man, a passionate woman is worth the chaos.

If you are driven by passion in life, you are sure going to catch his fancy. He believes in doing everything whole-heartedly, so this ‘live-to-follow-your-dreams’ trait will definitely help you get closer to him.


6. The soul is the truth of who he is.

Be sure to intimate your originality along with depth of your personality and soul to your Piscean love interest. He has little liking for anything unoriginal. He is rarely affected by exaggerated, outer appearances and craves inner understanding and connection.


7. Praise, of all things, brings him out of his shell.

Be sure not to confuse it with flattery – he despises that. Appreciate his traits, personality or whatever you find great in him. It will help his inner shy self to open up to you.


8. Shake his world in a gentle way.

Be gentle with him. Let him take his time in opening up to you. You will be able to take things further only if you progress slowly. There are no shortcuts. Keep in mind that you do not come across as too strong or too fast; he might just retract his steps for he is simple and shy at heart.


9. Dreams are his escape from reality.

He is well aware of it. That’s why he needs a partner to be able to bring him back to reality. If you a dreamer yourself but with a bit of practicality, you are the one for him. In the beginning, you can have several meaningful conversations with a Piscean male by picking topics that have to do with your (or his) professional dreams, aspirations and hopes.


10. Remember that he is a romantic.

Deeply romantic, he loves the notion of cherishing and nurturing, defending and honoring. To him, romance and love matters the most and he’ll move heaven and earth to keep the girl he loves. Don’t let anything turn dull and unromantic. Cute smiles and kind gestures can help a great deal.


11. Promises are to be kept forever.

A typical Piscean man in a romantic relationship usually lives by his words; he honors his commitments and expects the same in return. If you have penchant for not keeping your promises, steer clear from the Piscean as he’ll not take it lightly.


12. Art is as vital as breathing for most Piscean men.

Artistic by heart, he enjoys all art forms and has no specific favorites. Be it painting, singing, dancing and what not. If you have a penchant for the same, you both are sure to hit it off well.


13. For him, “I love you” is a magical phrase.

Pisceans believe in expressing their deepest feelings a whole lot. They will never get tired of hearing this magical phrase. Say it like you mean it, every single time you get a chance.


14. For a Piscean man, a damsel in distress is worth saving.

He likes to be the pillar of strength; wants to be needed and yes, he loves fixing things for his lady love. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a backbone. Just be independent, be sure of yourself, and ask for his help every once in a while.


15. He is very sensitive, and prone to hurts that most other people can knock off easily.

Highly attuned to other people’s emotions, he usually knows about the stuff going on in their minds. So take my advice – never lie to him. And leave aside mockery, even if it’s for fun.


Finally, remember that nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort. All the best.




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