21 Creative Ways To Make The Last Day Of Your School Even More Memorable

4:00 pm 29 Mar, 2015

All your life, you hate getting up in the morning, wearing the loathsome uniform and going to school. When the terrible routine comes to an end and you realize it is your last day in school, all of a sudden you feel a tug in your heart and you know you are going to miss it forever. Here are 21 creative ways to make your memories of school last forever.

1. Teachers go soft on you on the last day of your school. Take advantage of their softness and have fun.

2. Let your hair down, even if you make a clown of yourself, you don’t have to face your classmates tomorrow.

3. Have a book to take autographs from your teachers. Write their names and a thank you note personally for each of them.

4. Bring in another crazy books for autographs, phone numbers and gimmicks from your buddies.

5. If you always wanted to say something to someone but was afraid or shy, do it today.

6. Meet teachers from your previous years. Make them a thank you note or card to show your appreciation.

7. Takes loads of digital pictures and selfie. Some day you can sell them and make money out of it.

8. Take handprints of your classmates in different colors on a poster for hall of fame memory.


9. Exchange souvenirs/mementos with friends.

10. Hold an awards ceremony where every student wins an award for something they are known for. Most helpful, the funniest, most honest, sunshine of class or tallest are few categories. See that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

11. Ask every one of your classmate and teacher to write what they liked best about you and fill the chit in your sock. This will be the best present you will ever have.

12. Plan to bring the favorite food your best buddy likes, especially if it is your home cooked food.

13. Create a memento for school, especially from an old tree bark or something similar with all students names engraved on it.

14. Perform a skit bringing out all the best memories, achievements and blunders you shared together.

15. Make a slideshow with whatever pictures you can collect and memories you can recall of your term in school and share it with everyone, including your school.

16. Bring fabric paints and use it to re-design your school uniform and those of your friends.

17. Stick a blank paper on your backs and allow everyone to write something on it. Good way to finish off the backbiting.

18. Bring in a cake and celebrate your last day in school with a new version of birthday song.

19. Throw a party for everyone to remember.

20. When it is time to part, don’t hold back your tears or hesitate to wipe your nose on your best buddy.

21. Don’t worry about crushed bones when you hug your buddies for one last time in your school.

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