Major Slum Areas In 10 Seemingly Developed Indian Cities

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 5:09 pm


India in the twentieth century, with its plush malls and boutique eco-resorts, might scale above in the social scale in the world, but is it worthwhile enough to name our country in the same league as the United States, Japan and the other European countries? This is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, but can we name any city in India where poverty-stricken slums (which are the dwelling grounds of people below poverty level that outnumbers the whole population of Great Britain!) don’t outshine the posh towers and multi-stories? In this article, we’ve charted down some major slums in India which tend to question the limits of some of India’s biggest and most happening cities.

10. Parivartan Slum, Ahmedabad

At a time when the whole of India is being swayed by the rays of “Parivartan” (or “Change”), little hopes of revival have rekindled in the hearts of the people living in this slum of Gujarat. Among the 44,000 odd people who reside in the slums of this city which boasts of having the best IIM in the country, this slum is the dwelling ground of most among them, and is approximately more than 40 years old!

Parivartan Slum, Ahmedabad

9. Satnami Nagar Slum, Bhopal

When the Madhya Pradesh Tourism advertisement was first released, we were simply bowled over with the idea, and definitely with the place, isn’t it? But, little did we know that this city, too, boasts of some of the oldest and most poverty-stricken slums in the country. The Satnami Nagar Slum is the oldest one in Bhopal while Shanti Nagar and Ruhal Nagar are the other two.

Satnami Nagar Slum, Bhopal

8. Mehbullahpur Slum, Lucknow

Lucknow might be the “city of Nawabs”, but when looked closely, the capital of Uttar Pradesh too houses most of the poverty-stricken people in non-sanitized, overtly populated slums with utterly disgusting living amenities.

Mehbullahpur Slum, Lucknow

7. Saroj Nagar Slum, Nagpur

The city, famous for Oranges across the world, boasts of having around 424 slums, among which Saroj Nagar is undoubtedly the foremost. With almost half of the 40% of the total population of Nagpur residing in this slum, Saroj Nagar is often regarded as the second largest slum in the country. Well, now that’s some achievement!

Saroj Nagar Slum, Nagpur

6. Indiramma Nagar, Hyderabad

The seat of the mighty Nizams isn’t all pomp and polished now, especially when it has been estimated that around 6.2 lakhs people of Hyderabad lives in the slums. And, quite astonishing (or, is it not?) it is to know that the city has around 104 identified and around 25 unidentified slums!


Indiramma Nagar, Hyderabad

5. Rajendra Nagar Slum, Bangalore

This hi-tech city is often deemed as the IT Capital of India, but not many people are aware of the fact that around 570 of the total 2000 odd slums in the state are in Bangalore. However, the better news is that, the Rajendra Nagar Slum is now a thing of the past as the Government has rehabilitated the people elsewhere and demolished this slum. Now, there goes one sigh of relief!

Rajendra Nagar Slum, Bangalore

4. Basanti Slum, Kolkata

The city of Joy and City of Palaces are but only a distant dream to those millions of people who live in the slums of this city. According to the census, around one third of the total population of the “Parivartan” Bengal resides in the 3500 unregistered and 2011 registered slums!

Basanti Slum, Kolkata

3. Nochikuppam Slum, Chennai

Chennai might be the cultural capital of South India, but when it comes to poverty, it is at par with the rest of the cities. In the above mentioned slum, around 5000 people “lives” in much lesser than 1500 shanties.

Nochikuppam Slum, Chennai

2. Bhalswa Slum, Delhi

When we are talking about slums, how can Delhi remain far behind? Bhalswa is indeed one of the largest slums in India, more so after the Government resettled the people of numerous other slums here with the aim of “cleansing” the city!

Bhalswa Slum, Delhi

1. Dharavi Slum Mumbai

Now, that Mumbai will feature atop in this list is indeed a known fact. The city which awakens numerous dreams in many hearts is indeed a nightmarish truth to many—especially to the slum dwellers who have to live in the inhuman conditions of the slums that surround the city. The Dharavi Slum, spread alongside the Mahim river, over a stretch of 1.75 kms, is the largest slum in Asia.

Dharavi Slum Mumbai