Extra-Marital Affair Made Army Major Kill His Fellow Officer’s Wife In Cold Blood

2:40 pm 25 Jun, 2018


On June 23, a woman was found murdered near the Brar Square in the Delhi Cantonment area. She was identified as Shailza Dwivedi, an aspiring model and wife of Indian Army Major Amit Dwivedi. The accused was arrested by Uttar Pradesh police who later confessed to the murder. He is identified as Army Major Nikhil Handa and a fellow officer of victim’s husband.

Major Handa said that he committed the murder as the victim refused to continue her extra-marital affair with him.



Shailza Dwivedi met Major Nikhil Handa when her husband was posted in Nagaland. As per police, she and major Handa became friends which later transformed into an extra-marital affair. They stated:

“She had an extramarital affair with Major Nikhil Handa. Both her husband and lover were posted in Nagaland’s Dimapur city but two months ago, Major Amit Dwivedi got transferred to Delhi.”



They further added that her husband Major Amit Dwivedi came to know about the relationship and asked her to cut off every tie with the accused.

“Major Amit Dwivedi was aware of their affair and had warned the duo to end the relationship. Shailza tried to call off the relationship after she was caught doing obscene video calling. She then stopped talking to him and shifted to Delhi with her husband.”



After shifting to Delhi, Shailza started visiting Army Base Hospital in Delhi Cantonment for treatment. When Major Handa came to know about this he created an excuse to come to Delhi and get treated in the same hospital.


He insisted her on meeting him and then killed her. Her absence was discovered when the official vehicle assigned to her husband went on to pick her from the hospital and was informed that she never reported for her treatment. After that, her body was found near Delhi Cantonment metro station.



As per reports, when she went to meet him, Major Nikhil Handa slit her throat inside the car. Then he threw the body and ran the car over her to make the incident look like an accident. After that, he fled to Meerut from where he was later arrested. Here’s what a senior officer associated with the investigation said:

“Major Handa had slit her throat inside the car and thrown the body near the metro station. To make the killing look an accident, he crushed her four times from his white Honda City and fled. He went to his house in Saket and tried to wash off the car. He was keeping a tab on the news channels and after the news broke about the recovery of the body, he switched off his cell phone and fled to Meerut.”



The police also said that they have enough evidence against the accused:

“Handa’s car has enough evidence against him. There are blood stains on the tyres. There were multiple knives in the car including a Swiss knife which was used in the murder.”



Delhi police also reported that he was obsessed with Shailza and wanted to marry her. Major Nikhil Handa is already married and has two kids.