Major Gogoi Reveals The Truth About The Man He Tied To The Jeep And Silences Army’s Critics

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7:56 pm 23 May, 2017


On Monday, the Indian Army awarded Major Leetul Gogoi of the 53 Rashtriya Rifles with the COAS Commendation Card for his out-of-the-box thinking which led to the safe evacuation of poll and security officials without violence from an area beset by stone pelters.



Today, the Major addressed the media and narrated the incident which made him a hero in the eyes of nationalists and villain in the eyes of so-called rights activists (basically, the entire Left brigade).


In the second of the two videos above, Major Gogoi destroyed the myth created by the Leftist media that the man he tied, Farooq Ahmad Dar, was not a stone pelter.

It should be noted that ever since the incident came to light, the Leftist media, which supports Naxal terrorism and criticizes soldiers of both armed forces and the various police forces, have been presenting Dar as innocent.


A leading Leftist publication called the action “illegal” even though no court of law in India termed it as such. Twitter

To carry out that action, Major Gogoi had to tie Dar to his jeep to prevent the other stone pelters from attacking the convoy. The two other options he had, as reports and experts said on media, was to open fire or become a victim.

While opening fire would have led to bloodshed and was, therefore, uncalled for, becoming a victim is not what army personnel are trained for. This is why the Army honored the Major.

The decision was praised widely on social media by the influencers as well as the common people. They praised the Army for recognizing the intelligence of the Major and not succumbing to the pressures of “political correctness”.


But not all, expectedly, were happy. Some of them – most of them from the anti-Modi brigade – criticized the Army for honoring the solider.

The entire Left-wing media was obviously united in opposition. As has been stated earlier, they have been so since the incident came to light.

But not everyone expressed their protest directly. Some of them spoke in measured tones on TV channels while others merely retweeted the critical tweets of others implicitly suggesting their disapproval.


There were many more, cutting across Opposition and media lines, who slammed the Major, the Indian Army and their supporters.

As citizens of a democratic country, everyone has a right to protest. The problem is that those speaking against Major Gogoi and the Indian Army are themselves criticized for their one-sided stand on India’s political situation.

There is a clear ideological pattern that connects those who criticize the Indian Army – Leftism and/or anti-BJP. Any criticism or praise is only valid when it comes from a mind that follows an unbiased ideology, which is as mythical as a dragon.


And whatever may be his political leanings, only retired Lt Gen H.S. Panag or any other serving or retired armed forces official is qualified to critically analyze Major Gogoi’s actions. No one else has any right to do that because they themselves never faced the situation that the Major faced.

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