Major Leetul Gogoi Found Guilty In Srinagar Hotel Case, Might Face Court Martial

4:32 pm 27 Aug, 2018


Major Leetul Gogoi of the Indian Army has been in news for quite some time now. Incidentally, Major Gogoi became the subject of discussion all over the country after a video of the Indian Army came out during the Srinagar Lok Sabha elections on April 2017. In the video, a local man was tied to the army’s jeep in order to stop stone-pelters from attacking the army convoy.

This ‘human-shield’ incident was carried on by Major Gogoi after which Army Chief Bipin Rawat also honored him for his exceptional work in the ‘anti-terrorism campaign’. However, things took a different turn for Major Gogoi when he had to face disciplinary actions in the case registered against him on May 23 after he was accused of misbehaving with hotel staff in Srinagar.



On May 23, 2018, Major Gogoi was detained by the police after he had a tiff with the hotel staff after he tried to get into the hotel with an 18-year-old local woman. He was held responsible for going against the Army instructions and not being found in the operational area at the place of duty. Later, the CoI was ordered by the Army to look into the matter to verify the facts.

Evidently, this incident created a frenzy among the press and social media circle. Well, initiating the disciplinary action against Major Gogoi, the Court of Inquiry (CoI) found him guilty for ‘for fraternizing a local woman in spite of instructions to the contrary and being away from the place of duty while in an operational area’.




According to reports, Major Gogoi has been found guilty in the Srinagar hotel case. The inquiry was conducted as per the Army regulations into any incident of indiscipline or controversial behavior. The CoI headed by a Brigadier took the testimonies from Major Gogoi and other Army officers concerned in the matter. After the approval by the Corps Commander on the findings of CoI, Army authorities will frame charges against Officer Gogoi and will decide either to punish him or convene a court-martial.



While Army Chief General Bipin Rawat was seen praising Major Gogoi during the ‘human-shield incident, he gave a rather unexpected statement in this matter. He said:

“If any officer of the Indian Army is found guilty of any of offence, we take strictest possible action. If Major Gogoi has done something wrong, I assure you he will be awarded punishment at the earliest. The punishment will set an example.”



Well, as per the guidelines of the Indian Army, any army personnel cannot go anywhere at any point of time without informing their officials. Moreover, the youth cannot go without security and the personnel posted in Jammu and Kashmir cannot openly have a conversation with the civilians.