This Is Why Major Gaurav Arya Says That ‘Talking To People of Pakistan’ Is Useless

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4:47 pm 8 Oct, 2016

The cacophony for peace with Pakistan despite what the terror-sponsoring establishment in the country does to India is growing stronger. While the voices for ‘peace’ with our neighbour claim that “talking to Pakistan” is the only way to end this conflict, they lack the pragmatic vision of geopolitics. This is exactly what veteran soldier Major Gaurav Arya points out in his latest Facebook post.

He counters those who accuse him of warmongering.

Think of me as a surgeon who recommends amputation of a limb that is severely infected by gangrene. If the limb is not cut, the gangrene will spread. The limb has to be cut to save the patient. The surgical procedure is not pleasant. But that does not make me a butcher. I am still a surgeon.


He reminds the “doves” that Pakistan is not what their “vestigial beliefs” have made them think it is and writes that India and Pakistan have been in a state of war for 70 long years.

Sometimes, the war was conducted from behind the veil of plausible deniability, through proxies, especially late 70s (Punjab) and after 1989 (Kashmir). Sometimes, it was a direct conventional conflict, like we saw in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999 (Kargil).

…Countless Indian lives have been lost, since 1947. Precious Indian lives are lost everyday on the Line of Control. And unless we accept the harsh truth, we will continue to lose lives everyday.

Major Arya rips apart the flaw in the contention of a particular section which claims that improving people-to-people contacts with Pakistan will end terrorism.

People to people contact may grow but it will never stop terror. You are making a huge mistake by believing that once people from our countries are friends, all will be well.

All will never be well, because the people of Pakistan have no say in their own destiny. They can never be a pressure group that can alter the way the Pakistan Army thinks and acts.

In many ways, Pakistan is still an absolute monarchy. It may have the trappings of a democracy but the Army Chief is the Emperor. His word is absolute. The people are like sheep, sometimes led to the pen, and sometimes to slaughter.


So the real enemy is of course the Pakistani Army. And if an entire “rouge” army is an enemy, one cannot and should not deal with it like a dove.

I call this my “mowing the lawn” principle. You periodically mow your lawn and cut grass. It’s not the grass’s fault; it’s just the nature of things. So, when you wait for Pakistan to attack, and then plan retaliation, you are just allowing the grass to grow. The Pakistani Army should be attacked without provocation, in small and medium sized actions across the Line of Control, never allowing things to get out of hand, and yet always drawing first blood. The grass must periodically be cut. I am not warmongering. I am just recommending maintenance activity.

The reason why India should keep hammering Pakistan is to ensure that their Army’s single-minded goal of Ghazwa-e-Hind is not achieved.

Iman Taqwa Jihad fi Sabilillah; faith, piety and holy war in the way of Allah. This is the motto of the Pakistan Army. Read this line again. And again. This is the core philosophy of the Pakistan Army. This is driven into the minds of young Pakistani soldiers and officers every day of their training and service. Jihad against India is the raison d’etre of the Pakistan Army, the very reason for its existence.

The Pakistan Army will not stop Jihad against India. In the Pakistani power structure, there is no one higher than the army. They are the Parliament, Supreme Court and stock exchange all rolled into one. For seven decades they have flourished unsupervised and it’s impossible for them to adjust to Parliamentary oversight. And that is why coups happen in Pakistan.

Citing how Kashmir stone-pelting came to a full stop after the army was launched, Major Arya writes that it gun actually guarantees peace and not war.

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