Kashmiri Children Raising Islamist And Anti-India Slogans Reveal The True Face Of Separatists

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10:55 pm 22 Feb, 2017


The support system of the self-proclaimed defenders of liberal-secular ideals of India gives the Pakistan-backed Kashmiri separatists the audacity they seek to raise anti-India slogans.

So when they pelted stones at the security forces, they were confident that the defenders sitting in media rooms or elite Universities will condone their actions whether directly or indirectly. They knew that when the security forces will retaliate, it will be the security forces who would be condemned by the influential, highly educated, but brain dead, anti-national Indian liberals.



The manner in which the ‘guardians’ reacted to security force retaliation on stone pelters during the Kashmir agitation is an example of how so-called Indians have turned their backs on India.

All they had to say was about the pellet guns used by personnel on the stone pelters, many of whom were young boys. they showed sympathy for the kids but did not speak on why the kids were in the frontline or who placed them or what led to those injuries.



This is why the video shared by Major Gaurav Arya will not be shown on the liberal channels, written about by the secular columnists, retweeted by those who take pride in being called a Kashmiri than an Indian because of political reasons, or discussed by ‘intelligentsia’ in the elite Universities.

Major Arya’s video exposes a dirty truth about the Separatists and the Kashmiris who throw stones on the security forces.

The video shows Kashmiri children apparently in their pre- or early teens raising anti-India, pro-Pakistani, and Islamist slogans before a group of security force personnel.

The children are being prodded to raise the slogans and challenge the personnel. And even when they shout ‘Nara e-Takbir’ at the top of their lungs, the personnel do not react.


This is the truth about Kashmir. All of this adds weight to Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin’s statement in which he said that Kashmir is not about azaadi anymore but Islam.

The interview last year in which he said this was ignored by the very media which covers all the anti-India statements coming from the mouths of Separatists.



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