Author Maitreyi Pushpa Trolled For Raising Questions About Chhat Puja Celebrations

3:56 pm 26 Oct, 2017


Joining the debate about the diversity involved in celebrating Hindu festivals, famous Indian author Maitreyi Pushpa took to Facebook to post her “feminist” views about Chhat Puja.

Women, after offering prayers to the Sun god on Chhat Puja Aao Bihar

Celebrated every year by millions of people from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh, Chhat Puja is the main festival of Bihar and its neighbouring regions. Needless to say, anything against the festival is bound to hurt the sentiments of many.

On the eve of Chhat Puja, Pushpa on Facebook sarcastically commented about the vermilion put on the foreheads of all the women who participate in the festival. In Hindi, she wrote:

“On the event of Chhat Puja, the women of Bihar put vermilion even on their noses apart from their foreheads. Is there any special reason to it?”

The post written by Maitreyi Pushpa Jansatta-


This comment provoked many users of the social media platform. Some even went to the extent of questioning her sanity.

Pushpa was forced to deleted her Facebook question as soon as criticism started to pour in. Here we capture some of the responses that Puspha’s post got to showcase how irritated some users  were at the “liberal” thoughts of a “feminist”:

However, the author once again took to her Facebook account today morning to clarify her position. She wrote:

It is to be noted that Maitreyi Pushpa is a noted author, who is also the Vice President of New Delhi’s Hindi Academy.


Do you agree with Maitreyi Pushpa’s views? Do you think this is what liberal feminism is? Let us know your views in the comments section!

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