Maisie Williams Aka Arya Stark Bids Goodbye to Game Of Thrones, Netizens Are Sad

4:10 pm 8 Jul, 2018


The journey from now to April 2019 is a bittersweet one for all the ‘Game of Thrones’ fans. And Maisie Williams recent post is a stark reminder of the same. On one hand, we are getting closer to next season’s air date and it’s making all GOT fans giddy. But on the other, it also means that we are coming closer to the end.

The end of GOT is becoming more and more real as the time is passing by. And the fact that the star cast has started bidding farewell is adding to the anxiety and nostalgia.


Actress Maisie Williams. Source



‘Game of Thrones’ was never just a show, it was a journey for every member of its audience. A journey they took with the actors into the fight for the Seven Kingdoms. And when these actors start bidding farewell to this amazing journey, it is clear that the end really is near.



About a month ago Emilia Clarke aka Dragon Mother aka Daenerys Targaryen bid farewell to the show. She made a post on her Instagram account and said goodbye via an emotional caption. Check out the post here:



And now it is our very own Arya Stark, that is, Maisie Williams who is bidding adieu. The 21-year-old took to her Instagram account and posted a picture to say goodbye. She captioned it ‘goodbye Belfast, goodbye Arya, goodbye Game of Thrones’:



Well, we have to say the actress bid farewell in true GOT style, because what’s GOT without a little bloodshed, Right? But in addition to saying goodbye, it seems like the actress has also given fans a peek into the future.  Many fans are drawing conclusions, that the actress’s post indicates she is finished shooting for the show.



That’s not all, Maisie’s use of hashtag ‘#lastwomanstanding’ has left fans grasping for clues as well. Many are guessing that it is possible that Maisie Williams’s character might be the only one to survive in the end, hence the hashtag.


Maisie with GOT co-stars. Source


But, while the guessing game goes on, there is no denying that the show is coming to an end. Naturally, GOT fans are super sad and depressed that they won’t be able to see Arya Stark anymore. Here are a few comments on the post:


Thanks GOT members, you all rock.



Goodbye post, fans are gonna die!



Cries all around.




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