‘They Use To Beat Me Everyday,’ Says 14-Year-Old Gurgaon Maid Found In Cupboard

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4:31 pm 15 Oct, 2015


The employers of the 14-year-old girl who was rescued by police from a house in Gurgaon on Wednesday evening have been arrested.

The police had registered the case against the businessman and his wife under sections 323 (Assault), 506 (Threatening for life), 374 (Unlawful compulsory labour), 344 (Wrongful confinement for ten or more days) and 34 of IPC.

The girl, now in hospital, has alleged that she was beaten and starved by her employers.

She said, “They would shut the room and beat me every day, banged my head against the wall, burnt my hands and slashed me with a knife. They told me they don’t like me.”


She was allegedly given only two rotis a day and often beaten unconscious by the businessman’s wife, who accused her of treating her children badly.

Asked whether she tried to run away, the maid said: “I tried, but the door was always locked.”

The girl was brought from Jharkhand a year ago by her uncle, who handed her over to the businessman, said police.


She was rescued by the police along with help from the NGO Shakti Vahini, who went to the businessman’s home after a call to a helpline.

The team which visited the house first could not find the girl. They, however, found her when they went in the house a second tome following another call to the helpline. What they discovered was shocking.

The girl was locked in a cupboard and was unconscious.

Rishikant of Shakti Vahini said:

“We rescued the girl who was in the cupboard. She has deep bruises all over her body. She told us that the owners used to beat her up for every small thing and also kept her hungry.”

Meanwhile, the police are conducting further investigations.

This case comes a month after two Nepali women, who alleged rape and torture, were rescued from the apartment of a Saudi diplomat in Gurgaon.



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