Mahira Khan Was Again Caught Smoking But Twitterati Are In No Mood To Spare Her This Time

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4:39 pm 31 Mar, 2018


The ‘Raees’ actress, Mahira Khan, has made headlines once again. Mahira seems to be a favorite topic for people in India due to her habits.




Last year, the actress was caught on camera sharing a ‘smoking’ moment with actor Ranbir Kapoor in New York. People couldn’t fathom the fact that a woman, particularly a Pakistani actress was smoking, and that a Pakistani actress was sharing a smoke with an Indian actor.


They say that old habits die hard, and true to the saying, actress Mahira Khan has once again been caught on camera smoking her favorite cigarette. In the video, she was caught moments before entering an event and was perhaps ‘smoking the fatigue’ away.


However, Twitterati did not take it well. Here are few reactions from the people:










What do you think about her smoking and smoking in general? Lets us know in the comments.

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