Mahika Sharma Goes Topless To Wish Danny D On His Birthday. See Pic Inside!

Updated on 28 Nov, 2018 at 2:48 pm

The Miss Teen Northeast Diva winner Mahika Sharma is in news again. And just like the majority of the other times, it is because of her association with adult movie star Danny D. Before we proceed, let’s get to know the 24-year-old model-actress a little better. Mahika originally hails from Haryana but her parents shifted to Assam before she was even born. She is born and brought up in the Tinsukhia region of Assam.

However, currently the actress and model reside in Mumbai. Mahika Sharma has already featured in many minor roles in Bollywood movies and music videos too.



Now the actress is all set to debut with the lead role in the movie ‘The Modern Culture’. And not so surprisingly her co-star in the movie is none other than Danny D. Mahika’s obsession with Danny D is widely known. In fact, many of her Instagram posts are related to the adult movie star in one way or another. Here are a few instances when Mahika made her fascination with Danny D known via her social media account:


Mahika Sharma openly called Danny D her Superhero and confessed to watching his adult videos. Read the description of the post below:



The actress also broke the news of Danny coming to India. She also asked fans and followers to welcome the adult movie star by following his profile. She also makes a remark about Danny D’s assets in the post below:



And now the actress has taken things a level higher. Recently it was Danny D’s birthday and Mahika Sharma could not let this opportunity go to waste.

The actress who has an active social media presence wished Danny via a post on her Instagram account. Check out the message on her account with a semi-nude picture of hers:



This is not the first time Mahika has posted such graphic content to her social media account. Here are the other instances when Mahika posted explicit pictures to social media:


Mahika wishing her fans on Friendships Day in an unorthodox manner:



The model’s thoughts on seduction and skin show:



On a random Saturday:



The way that Mahika is shedding her inhibitions and posting raunchy (to say the least) content to social media, it seems like she is soon to become an icon among the social media users.

What do you think of Mahika’s fascination for Danny D and her latest Insta post?