Mahesh Bhatt Is Disturbed With Trump’s Victory. Very Disturbed!

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5:35 pm 10 Nov, 2016

Post USA’s presidential election on November 8, Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt sent out a series of tweets that showed his distress about President Elect Donald Trump’s victory, and it seemed Bhatt is very disturbed about it.

The tweets, which started during the election, had Bhatt sharing his distress over the fact that Trump was leading.


His worries, which was initially a little cryptic, then went on to take a direct hit at Trump, whom he couldn’t believe had just won the election.


Bhatt’s reaction from there on was of pure disbelief, as he couldn’t believe that what had just happened.

He went on to say that America had now entered its worst period of ‘historical madness’ and took a direct swipe at Trump by hinting towards his white supremacist attitude.


He then went on to attack Trump supporters and said that he can only hope that they become wiser with time and understand that ‘every dog has it day’.

His disbelief though didn’t end there as he soon sent out another tweet saying taking another swipe at Trump voters

President Elect Donald Trump, since his nomination last year, stirred a lot of controversies.

During his campaign, he made many controversial comments, including few about the Muslim community, women, and immigrants in America.

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