This Is What Mahatma Gandhi Scored In His Class 12 Examination

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Updated on 10 May, 2016 at 11:25 pm


JM Upadhyaya, Principal at the High School in Rajkot where the Mahatma had spent seven years, wrote a book ‘Mahatma Gandhi as a Student’ that got published in 1965. It has a collection of memories of Gandhi’s performance in school. Before reaching the age of 10, Gandhi changed several schools. The records in  the books also tell about the father of our nation being mediocre in his school curriculum.

The book talks about his short attendance and average marks. There are instances mentioned in the book that show his attendance was noticeably lax: a mere 110 days out of 238 in Standard III and his marks at the annual examinations normally averaged between 45 per cent and 55 per cent.

Though once he became serious about his studies in middle school, when he was asked to repeat the class. He then scored around 60 percent.

 “He could no longer be described as a mediocre student,” wrote Upadhyaya in his book.

In the same book, the author has mentioned the time when Gandhi paid his first visit to Ahmadabad to take the Matriculation Examination of the Bombay University. The author has given full details: Gandhi’s examination number was 2275. There were 3,067 candidates in all. Of these 799 were successful. Gandhi’s own rank was 404th, and his marksheet was as follows:


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With this Mohandas K. Gandhi was again described as a mediocre student with a total of 247.5 marks out of 625 that comes to an average of about 40 per cent.

Below is the record showing ’causes for suicide in India in 2014′. 2,403 people committed suicide in that year after facing failure in examination.

My motive behind making you read Mahatma Gandhi’s academic record is just to make you aware of how passing with brilliant marks is not really important. It’s all about working hard and following your dreams. There is an instance telling of Gandhi being beaten up by the topper of the time, Tribhuvan Bhatt. Even after getting good marks, he ended up as a babu (government officer).

We all know the contribution of Gandhi in the freedom struggle. No body remembers who Tribhuvan Bhatt was but we know Mahatma Gandhi will be remembered generation after generation. Once you will achieve your dreams, no one will stand up and ask how much you scored in your school or college. Suicide is not an option, it’s something meant for cowards and not for you. Be brave and take up the challenge!


Source: The Hindu