This Super-Cool Magnetic Notebook Will Let You Remove And Re-Attach Pages Like Nothing

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6:00 pm 19 Nov, 2015


When you forget your notebook, do you wish you could paste a random paper without any fuss? When you randomly doodled your teacher’s caricature on the front page, did you wish you could put it on the last page? If yes, then here’s a good news!

Rekonect has launched an innovative notebook design with a magnetic spine and pages. You can slide on and off any page.




And that’s not all okay? There’s a magnetic pen holder which means you can just grab any pen/pencil in a hurry and slide it on. This is the reason why its not just the pages but the spines too which have magnetism.


So yes, the pages won’t just fall off.



With the absence of any book binding, the lefties can heave a sigh of relief. In fact, you can print them just like your usual paper.

And no, its not unsafe with electronic devices.

Oh, God who are these geniuses out there to make us lazy fellas win the race all the time?


Find these cool notebooks on Kickstarter till the time they recover their production costs. Support them!



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