Magician Darcy Oake Is A National Treasure With Unbelievable Magic, Someone Please Inform Our Lord

5:00 pm 22 Apr, 2014

Just before his performance,  Darcy Oake, 26, charmed the audience with his explanation of how he got attracted to magic carrier: “Actually I had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor, but my parents insisted I become a magician,” said Oake. He is not only the famous face in his family, his father Scott, is a Gemini Award-winning sports caster who hosts “After Hours” for CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada. After watching this 3 minutes and 52 seconds video, you will be amazed and shocked asking where the heck he was keeping those doves. I am sorry you won’t get an answer to that but you will get a lifetime 3 minutes that you will always remember. Have a look below and prepare to make a face like this:

britain's got talent


Credit: Britain’s Got Talent via youtube

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