Chinese Girl Transforms Herself With ‘Magical’ Makeup, And Is Almost Unrecognisable After!

4:15 pm 6 Aug, 2018


Makeup can do wonders to your face, but then ‘magical’ makeup can totally transform you! ‘Magical’ makeup not only enhances your features but will also add extra shine and glow. Celebrities all over the world rely on this aspect to cover their flaws and imperfections. However, sometimes ‘magical’ makeup can also turn you into someone which looks anything like you. Although you should be happy with your natural beauty, under-confident can harm you.

No doubt, at various places, ‘magical’ makeup can be the only thing you need to look your best. With the accessibly of big names like Mac or Bobbi Brown, women are getting more insights into how to enhance their appearance.




To do ‘magical’ makeup, a woman has to know the right tools and makeup application. Just copying tutorials doesn’t help, unless you know how to create the look.



If you’re a pro with makeup tools and watched several videos, you can become the girl who makes everyone’s jaw drop with makeup tricks and hacks.



But one Chinese girl’s ‘magical’ makeup video is taking the internet by storm. Made by one Qi Huahua, she’s seen showing some incredible makeup talent and transformation.



To begin with, in the 1.14-minute ‘magical’ makeup video, Qi uses different brushes and eyeshadows to change her eye appearance.



After highlighting her eyes, she also fixes her skin tone and contours her nose to make it prominent.



While doing all, Qi contours her jawline using transparent scotch tape and by the end of it looks like a completely different person!



You will definitely not believe your eyes until you watch the ‘magical’ makeuo video yourself and see the whole process to check out this model face.

Watch the viral video here:





Since the video has gone viral, it created quite a buzz on social media, Many have been left wondering whether the transformation is real or fake.

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