Magic Spell To Make Any Woman Dance Naked Just Got Sold For Rs 20 Lakh

4:51 pm 30 Oct, 2018


You love a woman and want her to be yours, what will you do? You will try and attract her attention and will ask her out. But it is not working, then what? What if you had a magic scroll? Wouldn’t be really easy then? Well, this sounds completely stupid but not 350 years back. There is a 350-year-old magician’s scroll in the United Kingdom containing a spell which promises to “get women naked”. And recently, the spell was sold for £22,000 (Rs 20.6 lakh) at an auction house in the United Kingdom.

The scroll is a 476-page manuscript which is believed to be owned by a magician who was part of the ‘Cunning Men of Essex,’ a group that was famous for practicing magic.




Auctioneer Charlie Howe while talking to a magazine revealed:

“There are recipes, spells, and incantations to solve practical problems of people in rural areas and also more interesting conundrums such as how to make someone fall in love with you or get a girl to dance naked”.



If you want to make a woman fall in love with you, then you can. You just have to make her a nice broth made with pig bones. Write her name on paper and throw into the fire on which you cook a broth of herbs mixed with pig bones and share with the lady. And then she will do as you say!



The auctioneers were stunned when a private collector paid £22,000 for the scroll as they were expected to sell it for less than £1,000.



The auctioneer believes that it performed so well at auction because it is an unpublished manuscript and there is a strong interest in the market for items relating to witchcraft.



Guess we know what is in demand! But it was then that these magicians were respected and followed, today people will not pay any heed to them, or will they? What do you think?



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