Chennai Adopts ‘Magic’ Collars To Save Strays From Being Run Over

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5:34 pm 4 May, 2016

Around 300 stray dogs and cattle across Chennai have been fitted with reflective collars that allow motorists to spot them from afar and prevent being run over.

The idea was  taken up by a non-profit organization Motopaws By Touch Heart who since 2015 have been making reflective collars out of donated denims for street dogs in 15 cities so as to prevent strays from being mowed down.


The animals have been given collars that are made of a reflective denim cloth stuck on a nylon tape.

The reflective cloth reflects light from vehicles which in turn helps motorists from running into them.


Besides Chennai such collars have also been successfully test-driven in Bengaluru, Pune and thirteen other cities.

In a past survey conducted by a NGO it was found that street visibility has been a constant issue for many motorists and 90% of vehicle owners had trouble spotting stray dogs or cattle due to dark.


It was also found by the Chennai Corporation data that in 2014 that there were more than 80,000 stray dogs in the city of Chennai.


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