11 Gifs That Perfectly Summarize How The Maggi Ban Would Affect Our Lives

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10:00 am 9 Jun, 2015


Because Maggi was unofficially the ‘national food of India’.

1. When you first heard about the nationwide Maggi ban and recollected having 20 packets of it stocked in the kitchen.


2. When you get hungry on a busy and hungover Monday morning.


3. Your mother on your marital prospects.



4. When your bae leaves without cooking.


5. You to yourself while trying to cook.


6. But after 15 minutes


7. Just realized that there is no magic ‘2 minute’ formula to escape hostel food now.


8. And remember those cold winters with hot coffee and Maggi combo? Alas there would be no more of it! Sigh…


9. When you suddenly experience pangs of hunger at 3am with no food in the kitchen and all stores closed.


10. And you can’t help wondering.


11. Meanwhile at Sunfeast Yippee/Tomramen headquarters.




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