Madonna Pays More Than A Crore To Her Live-In Chef. These Bollywood Celebs Are Not Far Behind

4:55 pm 25 Oct, 2018


Stars do anything and everything, and whatever they do cost a whopping price. And when you are a famous Hollywood star, then cooking becomes a little tough and you depend on the food orders or the live-in chefs. For instance, Beyoncé spends $7,500 a month for a live-in chef. Joining the spree is the 60-year-old pop queen Madonna, who is famous for her not so simple actions. She is looking for a new private chef who will be getting a whopping pay packet at the end of the month. Bollywood stars with private chefs is also an ‘in-thing’ now.

An ad appeared for a top chef to work at Madonna’s Mayfair residence calling her a ‘VVIP’ searching for a private chef. The listing requests a chef with experience of a private household or a superyacht to cook for Madonna and her six children as well as any VIP guests at her residence.




To cook for her, the chef will get between £85,000 and £110,000 a year. Ready to sprinkle some salt?



Indian stars are also not left behind. Being food lover and health conscious, they too travel with their private chefs.

Priyanka Chopra loves her Indian Khaana and when in the US, she misses it the most. Hence, she has a private chef.



Ranveer Singh also has a personal chef, Mohit Savargaonkar. He took him to Paris too when he was shooting for Aditya Chopra’s Befikre.



Anushka Sharma too, while traveling ensures that her diet is on track. Vegan Anushka Sharma arranged a personal chef in the United States while shooting for her upcoming film Zero.



When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan travels overseas with daughter Aaradhya, then she takes a chef from the Bachchan kitchen who dishes out ghee rice, sambhar, idli, and dosas.



Celebs are all about going that extra mile and spending a little more for their comfort and the things they love, and the food is certainly the most important for them.